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Have you been  offered an opportunity to become director of a program, hospital, department, residency or fellowship?


Then this contract review is for you.

Our team will carefully consider your agreement to assure that you are protected and properly defined.

Directorship Review
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Working with definitely helped me feel confident in my ultimate choice!

Anne Sammarco, MD, Urogynecology University of Michigan

This may also include...

  • Reviewing strategic plans

  • Reviewing business plans

  • Reviewing budgeting

  • Reviewing facility equipment and personal

We help you identify all possibilities.


I needed someone that I could trust with my contract. gave me that person.

Benjamin Luong, MD Urologic Oncology and Robotics Cleveland Clinic


What you can expect:

  • Review one directorship or department head contract or agreement

  • Up to 3 hours phone consultation over up to 6 months

Directorship Review


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What physicians are saying...

DemytraMitsis_Headshot2.jpg is truly the guru of contract review and career advice for physicians. I thought the process would be very stressful. Instead, they made it an easy path to follow.

Demytra Mitsis, MD Hematology/Oncology & John Mihailidis, MD Endocrinologist


My contract review fee immediately came back to me almost 30-fold in cash dollars by hiring Roger Bonds to assist me

Edwin Onkendi, MD, General Surgery Mayo Clinic

LaurenUnderwood.jpg has been extremely diligent and thorough in reviewing my new contract. Their guidance has helped make the entire process much easier and enjoyable.

Lauren Underwood, MD, Urology