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Practice Buy-In
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Is this service for me?

This service is for anyone considering a practice buy-in offer and wondering if there's anything you're missing. Chances are....there is.

We review your offer and help you decide if this is the best move for you and instruct you on what exactly to ask for. Every step of the way.

Buy-in offers often sound like a bargain, when they really aren't.

Can you negotiate a buy-in on your own? Sure, but you may regret it down the road. You'll eventually run into a privelege that you assumed was included in your offer...and you know what happens when we assume.


Our expert team will advise you every step of the way, walk you through your options, explore the pros and cons, and coach you on what questions to ask. 

From confirming your practice's stated value to assuring that you have a voice in all aspects of your practice, Practice Buy-In Review has you covered.

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"I was introduced to Roger through a trusted colleague and could not be more satisfied with his guidance over the years. He initially helped me review and analyze my first job contract as I was completing my training. Through the contract review process, we identified a number of issues that were able to be corrected and optimized in my final arrangment. Beyond that, Roger's tremendous amount of experience has been invaluable in navigating this process. This is because he understands that the contract and details hidden between the lines are critical to job satisfaction, while somehow managing to seamlessly address quality of life issues that we all think about as physicians.

By understanding my values and personal goals, Roger has maintained a long term relationship with me and has now helped me navigate the buy-in process at my current independent group practice. His comprehensive understanding of the work environment from employed to academic to private practice positions has been invaluable in my career development. I can recommend his services without reservation."

Shane Pearce, M.D.


PCA was relentless in making sure our needs were met. They will not let you settle for anything less than what you deserve. 

John Mihailidis, MD Endocrinologist 

Something to consider...

how is this practice being managed, and will you have a true voice in it?


Will you have input into the approval of new partners, or even the hiring and firing of your own staff?


How and what kind of debt is the practice carrying, and will you have any control over the acquisition of new debt?


What are terms for buying out the senior partners or for leaving the practice?


Will you be part-owner of the real estate and assets, and if not, why? 

These important issues can cause major headaches down the road.

Buy-In Review


What you can expect:

  • Initial telephone interview

  • In-depth review of your offer

  • Practice operating agreement review

  • Review of your practice valuation

  • Up to a one hour phone consultation once a week for up to three months or until a satisfactory contract is signed, whichever comes first

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What physicians are saying...


Not only does PCA have unparalleled experience guiding physicians through the complicated details of contract nuts and bolts, they also understands issues of work-life balance, practice dynamics and fair compensation that are specific to each specialty and region in the U.S. 

Luis Quinones, MD General Surgery

PCA helped mold the contract to include aspects that I would have never thought of. They also asked many other questions so I would know what I was signing and so I would have a much better understanding about the position. 

Thomas E. Fisher, DO Reproductive Endocrinology

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