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This is our CEO, Roger Bonds', blog. He writes about things he thinks you'll benefit from. You know, interview tips, contract advice, tools, and good old fashioned physician career know-how. He's the best in the business, some real useful stuff here, folks. Enjoy.

Recently, I was speaking with a client physician about one of the three contracts she’s considering for her next career move. As a female subspecialist she can go almost anywhere in the nation, but she really wants to go to one particular city. She gave me permission t...

You should be able to avoid a new job that turns out to be a nightmare if you take serious precautions. First look beyond the employer’s sales pitch, whether the position is with a hospital, group practice, pharmaceutical, managed care company or university. Base your...

Over the past 20 years, I’ve reviewed more than 2,000 physician contracts from over 1,200 hospitals and practices, in dozens of specialties, from all 50 states, DC, U.S. territories, Canada, Europe and Asia. I also write or re-write contracts for practices and hospital...

Whether you’re just completing your training or have been in practice for years, you must be extremely careful to ensure your contract is fair and equitable. Contracts have changed significantly in recent years, and some are written to only protect the employer or new...

If you are a physician considering a new contract, keep in mind that Base pay is just one part of your overall compensation package, along with the Bonus, Benefits and possibly Buy-in opportunities. I call those your Four B’s.

For your pay, there are various physician i...

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