Career Advisor 360! for Practicing Physicians

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Six Month Career Search & Support for Practicing Physicians

Don’t wait until you’re being pressured for a decision—get started with nationally recognized physician career expert Roger Bonds to make your career change or before the job search begins. Roger will help you set your goals and priorities—clinical, financial, and personal—then guide you on analyzing your options and even finding opportunities that match. He will help you possibly decide to stay with your current practice, negotiate a better deal, research prospective new positions, prep for dealing with recruiters, and help you negotiate the best contract. (Remember, the negotiator on the other side has done this many times before—have you? Roger Bonds has helped more than 2,000 physicians find the right fit for them.) Learn how to leverage your experience, even down to the metrics and other data on the procedures you’ve performed. Plan your exit strategy so that no bridges are burned and negotiate a favorable separation package for next time. Our Career Search and Support puts you in control of your career and your life.


This service begins with an interview, similar to a new patient visit. It then includes the review of 1-2 contracts and up to two telephone consultations per week for up to six months, ending when a satisfactory contract is signed. If necessary, an additional six months may be purchased at a discounted price. If you are buying into your practice, additional fees may apply. See our "Practice Buy-in Review" option.

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