Bottom Line Contract Review for Practicing Physicians

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For Practicing Physicians: will go through your contract line-by-line, help you set your short and long-term goals, then find the right fit for both you and your family. Learn more...

Recruiters will tell you what you want to hear; attorneys will give you a legal analysis of every clause. But only Roger Bonds will partner with you and help you take a global view of your next career step, drawing from his experience with more than 2,000 physician contracts.

Roger knows the pitfalls to watch for and the factors to consider that you might not have thought about. He knows what your skills and experience are worth in today’s healthcare market, and he shows you how to get it. Roger not only goes through your contract line-by-line, he helps you set your short and long-term goals, then find the right fit for both you and your family.

NEED A SECOND OPINION? If you've already worked with someone who didn't give you the best advice and was unqualified to counsel you for your career in the medical field, then can help review your unique physician employment contract the right way!

Remember, this is a medical practice management and human resources function. Our unique expertise leads the industry.


The last thing you want to do is relocate for a new position, then get hit with unpleasant surprises your first day. Roger Bonds helps you take out the land mines and negotiate an arrangement acceptable to all parties. Because it’s not just your job—it’s your life.

The consultation usually follows this schedule:
  • An initial interview to explore your priorities and concerns regarding your current employment opportunities.
  • A review of your CV and a discussion about your career options.
  • A review of the prospective employer’s term sheet or letter of intent.
  • Assistance in formulating a response to the letter of intent, including questions you should ask.
  • A line-by-line review of the proposed contract/employment agreement using our unique 227-point checklist.
  • Assistance in formulating a response to the job offer, including questions you should ask.
  • Ongoing telephone consultation until the contract is signed.

The physician can expect up to one telephone consultation per week for up to six months, or when a new position is accepted, whichever comes first. If necessary, an additional six months may be purchased at a discounted price. Also, additional career options or contracts may be reviewed for a discounted price.

NOTE: This service does not include buy-in agreements which are dramatically more complicated, nor practice start-up activities. Please see our “Practice Buy-in Review” and “Practice Startup” under our Consulting Services for Practicing Physicians.

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