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  • Essentials of Human Resources

  • Personnel Management & Employee Incentive Plans

  • Effective Provider Recruitment Techniques

  • Aggressive Background Checks

  • Leveraging Technology to Improve Collections & Turn Your Denials into Cash

  • ICD-10: An Introduction to the Diagnosis Coding

  • Marketing and Customer Service

  • Medical Management Industry Update

  • Avoiding (or Surviving) and IRS Audit

  • RVUs: A Valuable Practice Management Tool

  • Leadership, Change and Organization Effectiveness

  • How to Select a Successful Technology Solution

  • Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

  • Social Media in Your Healthcare Organization

  • Leveraging BIG DATA to Improve Outcomes and Financial Performance

  • Meaningful Use: CMS Audit

  • Physician/Hospital Collaboration Strategies

  • Protect Your Practice & Community with an Emergency Preparedness Plan

  • Forward Planning: Strategic, Feasibility and Business Planning

  • Creating the Practice for the Future: Now What?

  • Improving Financial Performances Using Benchmarking

  • Financial Management: Assessment and Improvement

  • Employee Embezzlement: How to Find It, How to Prevent It

  • Physician Compensation



Keeping up with best practices in the business of medicine would be hard enough without the constant challenge of today’s ever changing healthcare marketplace. Now more than ever, up-to-date training is essential for both new and experienced administrators, practice managers, private practice physicians and department heads. In this online course, you’ll not only discover smart, streamlined solutions.


Go beyond the status quo to calculate the procedures and payer mix that will give you the most lucrative return. Learn how to add online marketing to bring in new patients and revenue. Find out how to protect your practice and your patient information from hackers and other criminals. Discover how efficient practices are cutting costs without cutting quality. And much more.

The online course leads directly to certification as a Certified Administrator in Physician Practice Manager (CAPPM). You’ll gain fresh confidence as a leader who knows the latest answers and trends in a rapidly changing healthcare marketplace.



You work so hard at putting out fires that you have no time to make the practice fireproof. And that won’t change until you start thinking on a different level. Your issues aren’t as unique as you might think. Smart, workable tools and solutions really are out there. Even more convenient, they’re right in this seminar. Attendance is limited, so save your seat today.

Learn about new hospital alignment and contracting strategies that will help your organization thrive in the new regulatory environment.

Discover how to be a smart negotiator when it comes to compensation, benefits, incentives and contracts.

Figure out what procedures and payer balance will give your practice the most lucrative mix?

Learn how the right kind of online and offline marketing can bring in new patients and additional revenue.

New generations of Accountable Care Organizations and other models are the new generation of capitation plans, with incentives for successful outcomes. Learn what you need to know about this model of care and whether it will work for your practice.

Growing your practice with appropriate ICD-10 coding can help you be more efficient and have a larger bottom line. Learn more about this coding system and what electronic medical records systems are in your future.​​


Receive hundreds of pages of instructional and reference materials, forms, resources and checklists, for your ongoing use.​​


Can you manage your practice with more efficiency and less stress? Of course. Ask anyone who’s been to Practice Management Intensive Training.


You will receive your Practice Management Intensive Training Certificate of Completion upon completion of the full course. Hang it up and add it to your CV or resume—it’s a significant addition to your educational accomplishments.

Up to 34.25 hours of immediately-usable, continually updated instruction from the nation’s most renowned experts in medical practice management and related fields.​

Continuing education hours applicable to numerous accrediting bodies as well as AAMM’s Certified Administrator in Physician Practice Management (CAPPM) and Master Certificate in Practice Management (MCPM).

Your downloadable customized Practice Management Training Manual with hundreds of pages of instructional materials to keep at the office and use as an ongoing resource.

An option to obtain your CAPPM credentials by taking the CAPPM examination after completion of the online course.




Full Online Seminar & CAPPM Certifiction










Provided by the American Academy of Medical Management


Each online program is fully accredited to earn hours toward the credentialing programs of the American Academy, including the Certified Administrator in Physician Practice Management (CAPPM) and the Executive Fellowship in Practice Management (EFPM). To date, programs offered have also been acceptable to numerous other accrediting bodies.


Take a step up in your career with PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION (optional) Certified Administrator in Physician Practice Management (CAPPM). With the rapidly changing face of the medical practice and facility, the role of the practice manager is more important and demanding than ever. The professional who has obtained the Certified Administrator in Physician Practice Management (CAPPM) credential is a recognized, skilled individual in the field of medical practice management. Possession of the CAPPM will enhance and build upon existing experience exemplifying that the practice manager is serious about continuous education and ready to move the practice forward. Not only will the CAPPM certification benefit the practice as a whole, but it will give the consummate professional tools to negotiate higher salaries.


Master Certificate in Practice Management (MCPM) Graduates of the American Academy of Medical Management courses have asked for a superior credential to prove that they have furthered their career through experience and education. As many members have attended multiple training programs and/or received CAPPM certification, we are now offering the MCPM credential to those who meet the requirements.


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