Want the best physicians? Start with a great contract.

A good physician can find work anywhere.

If you want the recruit the best, your contract must be fair to all parties and easy to understand. Sounds like a no brainer, right? You'd be surprised.

We know the current physician compensation standard inside and out. We know why candidates are turning you down. We also know how to make them say "Yes!"

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To attract and retain great physicians you have to start with a great contract. And remember, you don't just want to recruit them, you want to retain them for years to come. Our contract will allow you to provide them with the incentive they need to be highly successful and productive throughout their long tenure with your organization while making sure that your bottom line is protected.

Why this contract is the backbone of your organization...


PCA took the time to explain the in's and out's of the process with multiple phone calls and emails. They always responded promptly and stayed on the phone with me no matter how long it took.

Madeline Torres, CMSR, Seventh Day Adventist Guam Clinic

What you can expect:

  • Consultation to assess your situation and determine your needs

  • First draft

  • Up to three revisions

New Physician Contract



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What clients are saying...


Working with PCA definitely helped me feel confident in my ultimate choice!"

Anne Sammarco, MD, Urogynecology University of Michigan


I needed a team that I could trust with my contract. Someone who understood the language from both the employer and the employee view point. PCA was that team.

Benjamin Luong, MD Urologic Oncology and Robotics Cleveland Clinic 

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