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Is this service for me?

This twelve month service is for anyone considering advancing their career whether you desire to stay in the same organization or are ready to move elsewhere. 

We help you set your goals and priorities, then guide you through your options and help find the best opportunities for you. 

This service puts you in control of your career.

Can you make career decisions on your own? Sure. But you might only get so far. At a certain point you're going to want guidance to get the absolute most out of your career choices.


Utilizing our Marathon 500XL service will focus your clinical, financial, and personal goals, help you negotiate better deals, prep for dealing with recruiters, and research new positions.

Marathon 500XL puts you in control, but without it, your career may control you.

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“I would highly recommend Roger when considering your next career move.  I’ve consulted with him twice, the first was transitioning from fellowship to an academic career, and then several years later when I moved to another health system.  Roger looks at the whole picture, not just the contract, and helped me to think not only about the new position but also considerations with the job I was leaving behind.  He came prepared to all of our meetings and was proactive in his follow up to ensure all of my questions and concerns had been answered.”

James Murphy M.D. , Pediatrics

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"I was introduced to Roger through a trusted colleague and could not be more satisfied with his guidance over the years. He initially helped me review and analyze my first job contract as I was completing my training. Through the contract review process, we identified a number of issues that were able to be corrected and optimized in my final arrangment. Beyond that, Roger's tremendous amount of experience has been invaluable in navigating this process. This is because he understands that the contract and details hidden between the lines are critical to job satisfaction, while somehow managing to seamlessly address quality of life issues that we all think about as physicians.

By understanding my values and personal goals, Roger has maintained a long term relationship with me and has now helped me navigate the buy-in process at my current independent group practice. His comprehensive understanding of the work environment from employed to academic to private practice positions has been invaluable in my career development. I can recommend his services without reservation."

Shane Pearce, M.D.

Marathon 500XL

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to make major life decisions. With an experienced physician career advisor you can move ahead with confidence to carefully consider your options. Perhaps you will decide to stay in your current position or take a higher level position with your current employer, or seek multiple other career options. We will show you how to leverage your experience, down to the metrics and data on the procedures you’ve performed. Plan your exit strategy so that no bridges are burned and negotiate a favorable separation package for next time. Our Marathon 500XL puts you in control of your career and your life.

   What you can expect:

  • This service is for a full year of career consultation! 

  • This service begins with an interview, similar to a new patient visit.

  • It then includes the discussion for multiple career options, and the review of multiple contracts (up to 5) with a comparison between them if needed. This comprehensive career service will help you leverage your experience, and negotiate a contract that enables you to have control of your career and your life. 

Marathon XL500

For Residents and Fellows


Marathon XL500

For Practicing Physicians


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What physicians are saying...

They spent over 2 hours on the phone prior to my interview, coaching me on what questions to ask and making sure I met with the key physicians and staff. 

H. Nourkeyhani, MD Hematologist/Medical Oncologist

PCA consultants are masters at considering where the physician is in their career and how to carefully calculate new needs as we move ahead.

Thomas E. Fisher, DO Reproductive Endocrinology