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This service is for anyone who doesn't want their locum tenens work to cost them more than it's worth.

We answer the questions that will prevent hassle in the future and allow you flexibility and a change of pace.

This service ensures a contract that will let you enjoy your work.

Can you review your locum tenens contract on your own? Of course. But more likely than not you'll miss something. 

Your goal is to relax, have a little flexibility, right? Well, what happens when you end up in a malpractice suit because of one shift and a bad contract?


Our expert team will review your contract line-by-line and ask the questions that you didn't know to ask.


I was extremely pleased with the contract review that I received from PhysicianCareerAdvisor.com. I especially appreciate that they went over every line of the contract so I could carefully understand each section, and negotiate as needed. 

Jaspreet Parihar, MD Urology and Urologic Oncology, Department of Surgery


Some things to consider:

  • Does the contract specify what you’ll be doing and where, or can the employer assign you to do whatever they want?

  • How many hours will you be required to work, and will you receive overtime if that number is exceeded?

  • Does the employer provide tail insurance so you don’t end up in a malpractice suit years after working a single shift for them?

  • Do you have the right to terminate the agreement if it’s not working out, and if so, how much notice do you have to give?

  • Perhaps you’re only working locum tenens until something permanent comes along—Is there a non-compete clause that would prevent you from accepting a full-time job offer elsewhere?

  • If you have to travel or relocate to the facility, are travel and living expenses covered?

  • What will your housing be like, and will it be in a safe area? 

We will instruct you how to ask for these things and more. And better than that, we'll teach you how to ask in such a way that you'll get them.

Locum Tenens Contract Review


  • Two half-hour telephone consultations over a 30-day period or your contract is signed, whichever comes first

  • Contract review

  • provider agreement & assignment letter review

  • up to four email consultations over a 30-day period or your contract is signed, whichever comes first

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What physicians are saying...


PhysicianCareerAdvisor.com manages the ins and outs of contract evaluation and negotiation with understated ease and great expertise.

Luis Quinones, MD General Surgery 

PhysicianCareerAdvisor.com asked many other questions so I would know what I was signing and so I would have a much better understanding about the position. 

Thomas E. Fisher, DO Reproductive Endocrinology

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