How To Contract, Compensate, & Employ Physicians: Intensive Training & Certification

Join renowned physician recruitment authority Roger Bonds and other industry experts, and, in just five days you’ll shift to a new level of knowledge, insight and confidence as a physician recruiter.​ Learn how to use powerful social media tools for effective physician sourcing. Learn about the 152 medical specialties and dozens of overlapping sub-specialties so you can hire the physician that meets your organization’s needs perfectly. Explore 63 ways to find the physicians that will be the perfect fit for your organization.

CAPPM Certification Fast Track: Practice Management Boot Camp

Regardless of your level of experience, get the CAPPM exam out of the way while the material is fresh. You're motivated, now is the time to get this done! Attendees experience a 96% pass rate! Manage personnel effectively with incentive plans and performance-based contracts.​ How can your practice increase revenue through enhanced market visibility? You’ll leave knowing tactics that you can get started on Monday morning.​ Get the latest information on ICD-10 compliance, using social media to market your practice and leveraging big data.