How to Interview & Screen Physicians

You don’t just want the physician with the longest CV—you want the physician who will be a good fit, highly productive, & enjoyable to work with. 

Interview and Screening Review
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We help you identify your needs and design an effective screening and interviewing process to get you the right people.

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Don't forget, these days you have to convince physicians to take the job.


We assess your strategy and teach you how to interview candidates so that  you clearly answer their questions as well as yours. Afterall, a successful interview should always be a conversation.


We show you how to structure that conversation so that the new hire is part of your team before the contract is even signed.


Brad Swelstad, MD, Reproductive Endocrinology Seattle, Washington is truly the best in the field.

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Some of the things we consider...
  • What are the criteria for someone to become a finalist in your search?

  • At what point do you perform background checks?

  • What should you ask in a telephone interview, and when do you bring them in for a personal interview?

  • Are your personnel trained to perform online Skype interviews?

  • Who are the appropriate people within your organization to meet with the candidates, both for evaluating them and recruiting them?

Interview & Screening Consultation

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Here are some nice things clients have said:


Bringing on board was hands down the best decision I made for my new position

Dana Kivlin, DO Department of Urology Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


PCA understands issues of work-life balance, practice dynamics and fair compensation that are specific to each specialty and region in the U.S. 

Luis Quinones, MD General Surgery


PCA asked many other questions so I would know what I was signing and so I would have a much better understanding about the position. As a matter of fact, much of what we worked on and negotiated was not in the original contract. 

Thomas E. Fisher, DO Reproductive Endocrinology

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