"Working with Roger Bonds and his team was a great experience. From the very beginning he took the time to understand who I was and what I was looking for in a position. He helped me review contracts for two opportunities and understand the similarities and differences between them.


His team even helped clarify the different benefits packages available at each place. He was responsive to emails and phone calls throughout the negotiation process - continually checking in to make sure I was comfortable with the decision I was making. Working with him definitely helped me feel confident in my ultimate choice!"

Anne Sammarco, MD, Urogynecology
University of Michigan


"I needed someone that I could trust with my contract. Someone who understood the language from both the employer and the employee view point. Roger Bonds is that person. He helped me with every step through my negotiation, and I was very pleased with my final contract!"

Benjamin Luong, MD
Urologic Oncology and Robotics
Cleveland Clinic

"Roger is truly the guru of contract review and career advice for physicians. As a Canadian physician couple in the US, we thought the process would be very stressful. Instead, Roger made it an easy path to follow. He took the time to understand our priorities and made the contract review process a personal and professional experience.
We covered many areas that we'd never thought of and also compared opportunities to choose the best one for us. He was relentless in making sure our needs were met. He will not let you settle for anything less than what you deserve. You'll want Roger in your corner for every contract review in your career. We would never go through the process without him!"


Demytra Mitsis, MD


John Mihailidis, MD


"My contract review fee immediately came back to me almost 30-fold in cash dollars by hiring Roger Bonds to assist me. He did an outstanding job of helping me with my contract and with my career. He was thorough and professional and carefully listened to my priorities and concerns as I compared career opportunities.


He helped me understand my contract by reviewing it line by line and went over potential scenarios to ensure that I was fully aware of what I was being asked to sign and also helped me raise smart questions to ensure I would be protected. In addition, his team reviewed my benefits for my wife and me at no additional cost! Roger was readily available 24/7 by phone, text and email.


I recommend that no physician should ever sign a contract without such expert assistance."


Edwin Onkendi, MD, General Surgery

Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida

"Roger Bonds has been extremely diligent and thorough in reviewing my new contract and advising me on my career. His guidance has helping make the entire process much easier and enjoyable. With this level of expertise he helped me truly compare positions and secure the best for me. I highly recommend him and will continue to seek his guidance in the future."

Lauren Underwood, MD, Urology

Lubbock, Texas

"I utilized Roger Bonds services years ago when I graduated from fellowship to choose an excellent position and contract. When it was time to consider a new career move, he helped me for several months as I evaluated whether to stay and become a partner or relocate. We carefully considered my family as well as medical career and income. With his in-depth assistance and analysis I was able to sort through and prioritize a myriad of variables and then join one of the finest practices in the nation.
My new practice is in an incredible location working with great physicians offering the highest quality of care with an exceptional income. With so many career options, I could not have confidently done without Roger's expert guidance. When it comes to physician career advice, Roger is truly the best in the field."

Brad Swelstad, MD, Reproductive Endocrinology
Seattle, Washington

"Bringing Roger Bonds on board to help with my contract was hands down the best decision I made for my new position. He helped me get the best contract for the job that I really wanted after fellowship. While much of this was foreign to me, he took the time to explain the in's and out's of the process with multiple phone calls and emails. He always responded promptly and stayed on the phone with me no matter how long it took for me to understand my contract, and just as important, to find out about numerous points that were not in the contract.


Advising me on what to ask and how to ask, was invaluable. His experience and insight made the whole process smooth and seamless and was financially very worthwhile. I can't wait to start with my practice and would recommend Roger to absolutely any physician in any specialty." 

Dana Kivlin, DO

Department of Urology

Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Mr. Bonds manages the ins and outs of contract evaluation and negotiation with understated ease and great expertise. Not only does he have unparalleled experience guiding physicians through the complicated details of contract nuts and bolts, but he also understands issues of work-life balance, practice dynamics and fair compensation that are specific to each specialty and region in the U.S.


He went above and beyond by helping me negotiate a second contract because my first one was definitely anti-physician. I highly recommend him to anyone negotiating their contract, whether it be their first or fifth!"

Luis Quinones, MD

General Surgery

"I've now had the pleasure to work with Roger Bonds twice. When I was a graduating fellow, he educated me on the business of medicine and the aspects of a new position and contract. He helped mold the contract to include aspects that I would have never thought of. He also asked many other questions so I would know what I was signing and so I would have a much better understanding about the position. As a matter of fact, much of what we worked on and negotiated was not in the original contract. That was a real eye-opener.
Then after two years at my first job, I asked him to help me negotiate a contract with my new practice. Although I retained the knowledge he instilled in me during the first round, he was a wealth of new knowledge and education for this next career move. He's a master of considering where the physician is in his/her career and how to carefully consider what the new needs are as we move ahead. He was also able to personalize many variables by knowing my current market value and what I should focus on given my experience. I plan to use Roger again with future contracts and certainly recommend him to my friends."


Thomas E. Fisher, DO 
Reproductive Endocrinology

"I was extremely pleased with the contract review and career counseling that I received from Roger Bonds and his staff. I especially appreciate him going over every line of the contract so I could carefully understand each section, and be able to clarify and negotiate as needed. His help was also key to review each of the offers I had and be able to compare them. As a result of our work together, my financial package was enhanced exceptionally and I am very pleased with my contract and new medical position."

Jaspreet Parihar, MD
Urology and Urologic Oncology,
Department of Surgery, City of Hope, Santa Clarita, California

"Before Roger reviewed my contract, I had no idea how to approach my first job interview. He spent over 2 hours on the phone prior to my interview, coaching me on what questions to ask and to make sure I met with the key physicians and staff.
Armed with my questions, we tweaked the itinerary to add additional time to my interview so I could get the information I needed. He coached me to interview them just as they were interviewing me. As a result, I didn't need a 'second look' interview. I had all my questions answered, all in one go. Then we very successfully worked on their contract. It was a smooth and efficient process."

H. Nourkeyhani, MD
Hematologist/Medical Oncologist

"I first met Roger Bonds at the American Urological Association national conference, where he has been an invited speaker on physician contracts and careers for over 20 years.  I was instantly impressed by his professionalism, in addition to his intimate knowledge of physician contract negotiation.  Not surprisingly, he was also recommended by three of my colleagues who worked with him in the past.  When it came time to review and compare my contract offers, Roger was not only experienced with all the details within the contracts, but also served as a source of support with the personal aspects of finding the best position for me.  


With that said, the most impressive attribute is his availability.  Despite having many clients, I always felt I was his main priority throughout the entire process.   His expertise is truly unique, in that he has represented both employers as well as the physicians they seek.  This gave me the rare opportunity to sit down with someone who knows exactly how the employers write these contracts, where the problems lie and what they are willing to negotiate.  He is truly a valuable source to all physicians, at every career stage. "

Saman Moazami, M.D.

Urology Chief Resident
Albert Einstein College of Medicine


"What surprised me most is that, unlike other people I have interacted with before, Roger started the process by asking me what are my priorities and what does the employer want from me, so we could formulate a reasonable negotiation strategy from the beginning. During the negotiation process, Roger always reviewed my email before I sent it to the employer. He is also efficient and always responded within 24 hours. I have learned a lot from him in this process."

Chi Tang, MD


Diabetes & Endocrinology Center Of Western New York

James Murphy .jpg

"I would highly recommend Roger when considering your next career move.  I’ve consulted with him twice, the first was transitioning from fellowship to an academic career, and then several years later when I moved to another health system.  Roger looks at the whole picture, not just the contract, and helped me to think not only about the new position but also considerations with the job I was leaving behind.  He came prepared to all of our meetings and was proactive in his follow up to ensure all of my questions and concerns had been answered.”

James Murphy

M.D. Pediatrics

"As a new graduate, finding my first job was overwhelming. We have minimal exposure to career planning, negotiation and contracts as medical trainees. Roger spent significant time with me reviewing my various offers and guiding me to where I needed more information and where I should try and negotiate. His experience with contracts on both employee and employer sides helped me understand where my prospective employers were coming from. He also helped me work through what I was looking for long term for my career and for my family and helped me strategize and prioritize. His experience and perspective were very invaluable. "

Holly Mehr, MD, MSEd 
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Tang, MD


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